Paint Free, Plastic Free and Zero Maintenances



From day one, sustainability is the biggest guideline for AUREA. Forest conservation and community transformation are our statement to the world. We are growing as an organization, to use tourism as a means to privately own and protect the surrounding endangered rain-forest including all the wildlife that inhabits there, instead of allowing it to take a toll on the biodiversity.

We operate in complete harmony with the environment. Our sustainable strategies are evident in our designs and guide our every decision: we respect the wildlife and nature around us; we utilize durable materials for sustainable via low-maintenance construction; we promote use of locally-sourced biodegradable products and organic foods; we employ exclusively local staff; we educate them, our local community, and you, our guests, about sustainability, cultural and environmental matters.

 No plastic policy: We have eliminated all single-use plastic bottles and envelopes from our operation.
 Rainwater use: We capture all our rain and pump it naturally to the driest garden areas using gravity.
 Efficient cooling: All rooms are shaded by existing trees and also insulated with foam to reduce heating.
 Low density: The floor aspect ratio on our properties is always low, with gardens dividing all covered areas.
 Paint free: None of our exteriors or interiors used paint, colors and textures are local concrete techniques.
Zero Maintenance: The combination of concreted and charred wood for exteriors needs zero care.
 Durable is the new: Nothing needs to be replaced in our structures: not cladding, nor roofing or cabinetry.
 Local community tours: Be a part of our socially responsible program exploring agriculture and livestock farms.
 Organic food: We source all our fruits and vegetables from small farms located in the surrounding areas.
 Recycled material: Our furniture pieces contain leftovers of rebar, steel and wood from the construction process.
 Minimize imports: We designed and built our own bedroom, seating, living and dining furniture here in the hacienda.



Connection Between Interior and Exterior